Cessna Citation CJ1+


Introducing the Cessna Citation CJ1+

The Cessna Citation CJ1+ is a very practical light business jet that is both well-designed and built for speed and economy. Private jet charter companies recommend Cessna’s corporate jet for small groups of executives, or individuals that need to make a quick trip to see a customer, or attend an event. The CJ1+ design also incorporates a clever soundproofing “acoustic-blanket” which makes this aircraft one of the quietest in the range of short distance business jets. Some of the benefits of this aircraft include shaded windows and a power outlet for gadgets and laptops. It also includes a mini-bar and extra in-cabinet storage.


Cabinets, window shades, flushing toilet, LED lighting, external baggage (nose, tailcone), soundproofing, reclining seats, mini-bar

Journey Type:

Short range

Additional specifications:

Range: 1,300 nm / 2,408 km
Passengers: 3-6
Maximum cruising speed: 720 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 41,000ft
Manufacturer: Cessna

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