Bombardier Global Express


Introducing the Bombardier Global Express 5000

Bombardier’s Global Express 5000 is the ultimate business jet for long-range travel. Seating up to 19 passengers, Bombardier’s fast and luxurious high-speed business jet is what private jet charter companies would consider to be among the most ‘wow’ of all flying experiences. Featuring a whole range of inside gimmicks including a private stateroom for businesses, and an ultra wide-cabin, Bombardier’s Global Express series truly defines luxury travel. The plane also guarantees comfort with connectivity and entertainment packages for those looking to get an extra thrill on their intercontinental trip. Thanks to the plane’s specially designed wings, it can fly at higher altitudes than other jets reducing turbulence with the added advantage of speed.


Large fuel capacity, lounge, bedroom, two lavatories, entertainment packages, Turbulence reduction, decoupled engines (less cabin noise), stateroom, ultra long seating area, ultra-wide cabin

Journey Type:

Long range / Intercontinental

Additional specifications

Range: 5,200 nm / 9,360 km
Passengers: 8-19
Maximum cruising speed: 950 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 51,000 ft
Manufacturer: Bombardier

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