Beechjet 400 (Hawker 400)


Introducing the Hawker Beechjet 400

Formerly the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, the re-designed Beechjet 400 has been one of the most successful light business jets for the past 20 years. Private jet charter companies still turn to the Beechjet 400/400a as it is a reliable and all-rounded top choice for practical use. With a large capacity for baggage and a good speed for short journeys, it’s very appealing for quick trips and fairly cost-effective. It is consider as an entry-level corporate jet today, and perfect for fliers who do not too much pampering or high demands for the latest technical capabilities.


Club seating, leather chairs, large windows, executive tables, wide cabin

Journey Type:

Short range

Additional specifications: (400A – newer model)

Range: 1,347 nm / 1500 miles
Passengers: 7-9
Maximum cruising speed: 866 km/h, 539 mph
Maximum Altitude: 45,000ft
Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft / Raytheon

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