Bus crash kills 5 students on the way to art & media university


Humboldt State University

A horrific accident in California has killed 10 people including 5 students who were on their way to visit Humboldt State University.

Carrying 40 passengers the bus was hit by a FedEX freight lorry 100 miles north of Sacramento as it turned onto the highway, bursting into flames.

Time reports that the accident on the California interstate occurred Thursday afternoon causing multiple injuries to teens and staff on the bus who suffered minor burns and broken bones.

The bus had been chartered by the university to pick up the students and take them to the campus where they would have received a tour.

Witnesses on the scene had said that the impact of the crash had "sounded like a series of explosions" according to the LA Times.

The Red Cross had set up a temporary shelter overnight in Orland to help the other passengers.

It is not clear what caused the vehicles to explode into flames. 3 buses were chartered for the trip, creating additional confusion on who was there at the point of accident.

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