Britney Spears raises the bar in Till The World Ends

Recent criticism of Britney Spears' last music video 'Hold It Against Me' were crushed with her latest outing in 'Till The World Ends', directed by Ray Kay.

The music video blends a high energy dance floor with some swift Britney moves mixed with a supernatural space theme. The colours are visually rich and the pace is almost on par with her classic videos directed by Francis Lawrence.

One of her best videos, ' Slave 4 U' is similar to 'Till The World Ends' and takes us back 10 years. The 'self homage' works well as it reminds her fans of what she is still capable of doing after her career high.

'Hold It Against Me' was widely panned because it featured shoddy editing, crazy and unflattering costumes that made her look 'bigger' and a lack of structure. Viewers were turned off as there seemed to be no coherence in the videos direction, except that it should look larger than life.

Will she now take the enthusiasm for her latest, and perhaps greatest video in years, and deliver a high octane performance on her next concert tour?

Britney Spears Till The World Ends

Director Ray Kay

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