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British press unites against UKFC axe decision

In the aftermath of the government's announcement to abolish the UK Film Council, media organizations have begun taking sides.

Just 2 days after the planned UK Film Council closure the web is buzzing with talk around how the decision will affect the film industry and British society as a whole and papers, online magazines and independent journalists are sharing their opinions.

Reaction to the decision

The Guardian

The government's decision to shut down the UK Film Council is tragically naive. No other body will do a better job .

The Scotsman

Blow for film festival as UK funding body is scrapped

Empire magazine

UK Film Council R. I. P : Government chops film funding body

Total Film

Government kills UK Film Council

If this was a movie, the Tories would be the villains

Herald Scotland

The demise of the Film Council neatly sums up the inability of a new government which trumpets the need for investing in business to realise that the arts are a huge and growing part of the 21st century commercial infrastructure.

Despite a near universal opposition to the move, there are some who support the scrapping of the UK Film Council for being too inefficient and bureaucratic.

The Telegraph

Enough British filmmakers have emerged from their dealings with the UKFC feeling bruised and demoralised especially when it came to applying for subsidies to get their films made.

Chris Atkins

(documentary filmmaker) UK FILM COUNCIL ABOLISHED! Fabulous day! I wonder what 70 incompetent overpaid bureaucrats are going to do? I could use a couple of runners.

The new British government faces a challenge of finding cuts across the broader economy and it is likely that more institutions will face the axe. It is not yet known how film funding will be re distributed after the UK Film Council is closed.

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