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British indie film 'Little White Lies' first film ever to be made available to buy with all rights as a non-fungible token (NFT)

Little White Buys
: Award-winning British indie film 'Little White Lies' is the first film ever to be made available to buy in its entirety including all rights as a non-fungible token or NFT. This unique offering is an outright sale of the film and all rights associated with it. The film has been split into 15 parts in order to be put onto the blockchain. The owner of the NFTs will receive the corresponding original digital negative.

The person who owns all fifteen parts, will own the complete digital negative and rights to the movie.

You can follow the auction here.

For those not familiar with the process, NFTs are proof of ownership of digital assets that can be bought or sold. NFTs are ownership certificates for these virtual assets. While many copies might be in circulation an NFT identifies the owner(s) of the original. 

The NFT craze has shown little sign of abating since Beeple’s EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS sold for just north of $69 million dollars, with the world of film, sport and music now joining in. As well as art, you can buy NFTs of sports trading cards, clips and even tacos. 

Films are now getting in on the NFT act for distribution, to raise financing as well as using NFTs to release original memorabilia. For instance: 

While all firsts in their own rights, 'Little White Lies' is the first film to be available in its entirety including all rights. 

Released in 2006 and directed by the award-winning Caradog James and staring the sadly missed Flying Pickets and Corrie mainstay Brian Hibbard and Mark Lewis Jones who most recently played roles in 'Gangs of London',' The Crown' and 'Star Wars Episode 8'.

The film is a dark comedy that deals with race, telling the story of a working-class family in Wales living in fear of their country becoming a place where there are more mosques than McDonalds and terrorists lurk in every corner shop. With race being centre stage in 2021 this film deserves to be reappraised by audiences. 

Made on a budget of £350,000, it was a critical success. The Independent gave it 5 stars and summed the film up as “The Royal Family meets nil by mouth”. The film won the Bafta Cymru awards for Best Actress and Best Actor, the Best Film and Best Actress awards at the Cartagena Film Festival, and the Best Film and Audience Award at the Nantes Film Festival. 

While director and producer John Giwa-Amu and Caradog James made an acclaimed film they were still learning the ropes and distribution proved to be difficult so the film was not seen as widely as it deserved. However as unusually they own the film in its entirety it means they are now able to sell the film and its rights. 

Under their Red & Black productions company the duo has gone on to make or produce a string of successful award-winning films and American TV pilots, such as The Party, Don’t Knock Twice and The Machine, a film that was ironically number one on both iTunes and The Pirate Bay.  

More information on the auction, the film, actors, director and producer can be found here.

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