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British film 'Storage 24' earns just £46 at the U.S Box Office


British film is worst performing of 2013 so far

'Storage 24' directed by Johannes Roberts and starring Laurence Olivier Theatre Award winner Noel Clarke has only managed to earn £46 ($72) at the U.S Box office.

The film tells the story of a group of people who become trapped inside a storage facility with an unwelcome guest after a military plane crashes in London, leaving highly classified contents "strewn across the city".

Produced by Unstoppable Entertainment, the horror indie film was distributed by Magnolia, but failed to get any traction and left producers without the money to even pay for a return trip to the airport on the Heathrow Express (2x £34 return). It is also the worst performing film of the year so far.

The average price of cinema tickets in the US in 2013 stands at £5.10 ( $7.94) at today's exchange rate which means that only 9 people paid to see this movie. If uncles, friends, and family members are subtracted from this total, even fewer people went to see 'Storage 24'. On average 1.2 people a day went to see it at the cinema.

'Storage 24' received a score of 43% on Rotten Tomatoes and on the film's IMDB page, a reviewer left a less than stellar comment about the film :

"This is without doubt the worst movie I have ever had to endure. If you like a movie with a totally implausible plot, no tension because the same situation and same dialogue is just moved a few yards many times over, and no twist whatsoever, that leaves you with the feeling that you've just wasted a couple of hours of your life and a few quid as well, then this is for you."

Box office comparison in 2013

  • Iron Man 3 : $388,529,655
  • Star Trek Into Darkness : $188,440,439
  • Fast & Furious 6 : $183,185,695
  • Storage 24 : $72

Although the total gross of 'Storage 24' was sightly less than 'Iron Man 3', it is not the only film to fail miserably at the U.S Box Office. Hollywood actor Christian Slater starred in an indie picture just last year which only managed to get $264 in earnings.

Have you seen 'Storage 24'?

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