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British cinematographer Sue Gibson dies

It was a sad day when we heard the news of the passing of Sue Gibson, British Cinematographer and Director of Photography. Sue was the first female member of the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC), and later became the first female president of the society in 2008.

Fact Not Fiction Films, CEO, Tristan Loraine, gave an example of what a remarkable lady Sue was. Loraine said:

"Sue was an amazing person willing to try the impossible. I first met her and asked her if she would be interested in being the Director of Photography on my first feature film ‘31 North 62 East’ that was to star John Rhys-Davies and Marina Sirtis. I explained that it was a low budget film but we would love to have her onboard. We shared a common interest in flying, as she was also a pilot. She listened to me pitch the project and took an interest, especially when I told her we only started the project 7 weeks before the meeting.

Sue then she asked me when I planned to start filming and I said next week! She nearly fell off her chair. She said she had to recce all the locations and a week was not enough, especially as some were overseas. I explained how we had ended up 7 days before filming and needing a new DOP and she smiled. She said we better get cracking and the next day she was looking at locations around Sussex and agreed to do the film.

She was so kind and supportive of me and our young inexperienced crew and I will always be in her debt for being part of the journey – she always looked for solutions in life."

Our thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends. For further information please contact:

Tristan Loraine
Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd Office 2
The Courtyard
30 Worthing Road Horsham
RH12 1SL
07968 213862

Photo credit : Copyright British Society of Cinematographers

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