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British animator October Jones releases ridiculous John Lewis parody


John Lewis Christmas parody

The new John Lewis Christmas ad has fallen victim to parody after being re-released by British animator aka 'October Jones'.

In this video, the John Lewis message is not one of fantasy, childhood dreams and happiness but instead, a sinister, dark portrayal of their real intentions, to sell basically anything they can.

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Featuring a flying green goblin and an animated bear transformed into a rug, the video destroys the precious image of wild life animals and shows how John Lewis' products burn and damage them. On top of that, they self-inflict the wounds and right at the end, to cap it all off, a beaver points what looks like a magnum .44 to his temple.

John Lewis spoof video

Warning : Contains curse words

The Original John Lewis ad

So far the parody video has been viewed 265,000 times and includes a mastered audio track with the lyrics sung by Adam Kay. Find out more on October Jones.

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