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Brett Ratner admits "Directors end up being producers"


The Finance conference which took place this morning at the Fairmont hotel with film director Brett Ratner and UTA’s Rich Klubeck revealed insights on the Chinese film market and how Hollywood is looking at foreign territories to make local investments. During the conference, Ratner also announced that Warner Bros had acquired RatPac Entertainment’s 'The Water Diviner'.

Below are some of the highlights at the AFM from Brett Ratner and how RatPac got its name.

Brett Ratner at the film finance conference:

“RatPac wasn’t really a plan. My dream was always to be just a film director, and as a film director, most filmmakers tend to develop their own project and sometimes they’re developing multiple projects and then as the movie goes they have these other projects that are just sitting around, so by default a lot of the time directors end up being producers”

“The way it happened is an interesting story, he [James Packer] called me up, he’s an old friend of mine and he said to me “Brett, your name is Ratner, my name is Packer – we’re the only two guys who could ever have a company aside from Frank Sinatra called RatPac.”

“I went to China a few times, did some due diligence – I analyzed what was going on in the marketplace and realized that what the Chinese want is for the local films to thrive. So we decided internally to finance local Chinese movies and that’s what we did.”

“Meanwhile I’m still a filmmaker, so if anyone has a job for me, I’m interested.”

“There’s so many buyers out there right now – that’s why content is king. Being in the content business is incredible business.”

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