HMS Bounty has sunk - U.S Coast Guard rescues 5 of 17

Crew members from HMS Bounty are still in the process of being rescued after it was revealed in the past hour that the boat has sunk.

The Nova Scotia-built vessel was caught in a high storm surge in late hours of Sunday approximately 90 miles off the North Carolina coast.

Famously featured in several Hollywood blockbusters including Jerry Bruckheimer's 'Pirates of the Caribbea : Dead Man's chest', HMS Bounty has now become one of the first victims of Hurricane Sandy, hours before it reaches shore.

In the latest developments, the U.S Coast guard confirmed to CBC that a Jayhawk helicopter has rescued 5 members of the 17 crew at 9.15am local time. There are also conflicting reports regarding the total number of crew. In CBC's report, 16 crew members were aboard the ship however the U.S Coast guard was intially told that there were 17 members.

We await the safe return of these sailors and will keep you informed..

This is a developing story...

14 of 16 crew members are now believe to be safe however 2 members of the crew are still missing.

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