Ben Stiller begins Sandy appeal to help New Yorkers

Ben Stiller back online

Actor Ben Stiller has returned to Twitter after being caught up in Hurricane Sandy that has claimed more than 50 lives in the U.S alone.

We've seen some horrific devastation across the east coast, particularly in New Jersey with homes destroyed, and roads blocked with debris. Stiller in the past few minutes announced via his twitter an appeal to raise funds for an NYC Hurricane relief effort.

Stiller has shared with his 3.4 million fans links to where people can get involved to help others on the ground through the NYC Service.

If you have some free time in the New York area, why not volunteer or make a donation to get things back up and running. Due to the widespread destruction, even at a Government level, it will be very difficult for authorities to restore power and infrastructure quickly. Local communities can make a big difference by coming together.

You can join Ben Stiller via Twitter for more details and updates. Best of luck and please get involved!

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