Breaking Bad beats Downton Abbey at the Golden Globes

Breaking Bad wins Golden Globes

TV Series Breaking Bad has triumphed tonight at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards.

Fans of the series are ecstatic as the much loved drama beat award favorite 'Downton Abbey' to win 'Best TV Drama'.

Other dramas competing in the same category included the Netflix produced 'House of Cards', 'The Good Wife', and 'Master of Sex'.

Just before the ceremony began stars had to navigate a soggy and wet carpet that had been exposed to sprinklers and what was reported as a broken pipe leaking sewage.

Still that didn't deter any of the stars now at tonight's ceremony from attending. In fact, it may have helped the Golden Globes get an added boost in the midst of the chaos.

Breaking Bad Trailer

What do you think of the TV series? Did it deserve to beat its British competitor?

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