Branding in the entertainment industry eyes social media first

In 2011 branding focuses heavily on social media for web marketing strategies to boost awareness

From personal branding strategies to web marketing approaches, celebrities as well as companies are using social media as the first outlet for their pr campaigns. Social media provides an outlet to target fans, and consumers of products in any niche, and with the viral nature of the medium, it can mean big money.

One recent web marketing approach that succeeded through social media was Charlie Sheen's twitter world record. There was a huge amount of buzz surrounding an interview he did on ABC, and various controversies surrounding his life. This captivated people to want to hear more. Sheen set up a twitter account, and soon, the viral nature of that interview encouraged a huge following of millions of fans. Without social media in 2011, Charlie Sheen would not have been able to capitalize on business opportunities without having his 'brand' available online.

So what did Sheen benefit from? Being able to promote his upcoming concert, radical hilarity and news using direct marketing approaches to his fans he accumulated on twitter. Social media in this instance not only earned him over 7 figures, but his branding now reaches a lucrative online audience ready to buy 'Charlie Sheen'.

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