Brad Pitt tells Koreans he won’t expire on the ‘use by date’

Brad Pitt 'Moneyball'

Brad Pitt told his fans earlier this week that he would retire at 50, but the 47 year old actor spoke up about his comments when he did a pit stop in South Korea.

Pitt, on a promotional tour for ‘Moneyball’ in Asia revealed that he was in fact not putting a definitive end to his career when he turns 50 which was met by relief from his supporters. After all, it would be a shame to define an exit-strategy before even reaching the exit. However, Pitt has been a major presence on our screens since the 80s so it is not surprising that he wants to focus more of his efforts behind the camera like co-stars George Clooney and partner Angelina Jolie. The trio, as it were, are changing their game plan as we move into 2012. ‘Moneyball’ was one such example of Pitt moving out of mainstream but going all out to promote a movie he had a lot of fun with. Since it’s release, ‘Moneyball’ has received critical acclaim and is tipped to be a contender for next year’s awards ceremonies.

Brad Pitt via THR:

“I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date (as an actor) but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side,”

Brad Pitt’s latest movie: Moneyball (trailer)

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