Brad Pitt paints golf cart pink on Moneyball film set

Prankster Brad Pitt took a bucket of paint on the set of Moneyball and turned Jonah Hill's golf cart pink.

While Pitt is well known for his pranks, he took it a step further by painting the faces of George Michael and Andrew Wiley to emphasize his affection for Jonah Hill. In addition, according to Keith Middlebrook, Pitt added pink ballons.

"When you put the gas pedal on, it played the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,'" Middlebrook adds. "I'm still cracking up about it! It was just total chaos." Usweekly

Brad Pitt vs George Clooney pranks

While Brad Pitt might be the king of comedy in this match, George Clooney is the one to watch out for. Notorious for secretly organizing massive deception, fooling the press and pranking close friends, the Humanitarian and actor is both dangerously hilarious and cunning.

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