Brad Pitt hires elite British soldiers

Brad Pitt has hired the best of the best 'elite' soldiers to protect the family's Chateau in the south of France. Former British SAS soldiers (Special Air Service) have been brought in to provide round the clock security in response to an increase in local organised crime targeting rich estates.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been at the centre of the media's attention for years but now it would seem that they are getting that extra bit of privacy on a whole new level. The SAS are the most highly trained British soldiers, and are considered one of, if not the best special forces regiment in the world. They are the equivalent to U.S Navy Seals and have been at the forefront of major conflicts. One such incident that lives in infamy was the 1981 Iranian Embassy siege, when a team of SAS troops were sent in to rescue hostages captured by gunmen who demanded the release of Arab prisoners. After days of negotiations to avoid bloodshed the SAS were ordered to storm the building after a hostage was executed. All the hostage takers were killed except one who was given a life prison sentence.

According to a report in The Sun, the Jolie-Pitt property has fingerprint recognition for accessing different rooms and boasts 'bond like' gadgets to keep criminals out. With Pitt and Jolie's security beefed up at their Chateau, will the press dare to go near them now?

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