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Brad Pitt and Nazi soldiers march on Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Day filming gets stinging criticism

Thankfully the Nazis were never able to march on British soil but that hasn't stopped the film production of 'Fury' starring Brad Pitt to launch a full scale invasion of Oxfordshire early on Remembrance Sunday.

As Britain stood in silence at 11am to remember the fallen, film production for 'Fury' was well underway despite the clear objections of the Parish council. The £50 million production directed by David Ayer features several hundred British extras portraying German and US soldiers. However, on Sunday morning according to the Mirror, the production continued despite objections and the cast and crew (both British and American) continued their fictitious battle.

"A director whose film is ­profiting from the sacrifices made by 800,000 British and American soldiers in the Second World War has a duty to ensure his crew are allowed to pause to pay proper respect to the dead.”

- Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan

While there has been general condemnation in the UK press about the timing and the lack of respect for Remembrance Sunday, it is fairly difficult to halt a large production of that scale for a single day.

The Guardian also reports that some of the cast members, who were former soldiers were displeased that they had to portray Nazi soldiers on Remembrance Day.

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