Brad Pitt and Marc Forster's World War Z not dead

News of Paramount's Brad Pitt epic World War Z on the verge of death are exaggerated despite the film studio seeking a co-financier.

Even with the $125 million price tag, the Hollywood action movie to be made has great potential, a big audience and a top team behind it.

As movie financing goes, it's never a simple story, and there are many fine production details that need to be fixed. At the end of the day, making a big budget movie is always a risk for a studio and financiers because the certainty of a profitable return is a hard sell. This goes for even the top execs in the industry, the most famous, and wisest of the wise. There is no 100%.

Whether World War Z will get made depends on many factors, not just an outside investor. The studio may want to finance it on its own if the production costs can be reduced, or down the line, another investor comes in. This may change the project considerably, if the parties are eager to think out of the box .

If people are emotionally invested in a project, it can work. There is only ever an 11th Hour when you give up or  can't compromise. Let's hope that this movie gets a chance.

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