Bourne Legacy to earn less than Total Recall?

The Bourne Legacy estimates

The 4th Bourne movie, 'The Bourne Legacy' is not expected to do as well as its predecessors.

Box office estimates for the movie are in the $30 million range, but it might not even make that. This will be less than half of the opening of 'The Bourne Supremacy'. What's missing: Matt Damon. The films brought with them a style and a class of their own, and thanks to Damon, the two sequels were eagerly anticipated.

Now with a new format, a new star, and a new set of rules, does the latest Bourne movie have the panache of the last outing? It's become big business for studios to continue franchises but when the key star doesn't make a return, how do they keep it up to date, and respect the fan base?

It's never going to be an easy sell, and for 'Total Recall', it was even more difficult. Producers were unable to capture the magic of its predecessor, and without Arnold Schwarzenegger, fans were not going to race to see it.

How will Bourne fair this weekend? It has Total Recall to beat : $26 million. If it doesn't go past that, it's really bad.

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