Boston explosions : All US Networks to cover ongoing events


Tragedy at Boston Marathon

Several explosions have rocked the Boston Marathon, with a 3rd reported in the last few minutes at the JFK Library.

As of yet we don't know who is reponsible for these explosions. The airspace around the city has been restricted, the President informed, and the White House has yet to make an official statement.

All major networks have now tuned into what's happening on the ground. As this story emerges we will have more to follow. 2 people have been killed with 28 injured.

Deadline reported that special coverage of the explosions would air on all major networks. Global media have also turned their attention to the unfolding events.

It is not yet clear whether this is a terrorist attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with those caught up in this tragedy.


There are reports of unexploded devices being defused by security. 8 people are believed to be in critical condition

Boston Mayor sets up emergency hotline : +1 617 635 4500.

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