Boris Johnson 'James Bond stunt' goes wrong at Olympics

Boris Johnson Bond stunt

London Mayor Boris Johnson was left dangling in the air earlier today when he got stuck on a zip wire during a 'James Bond' style stunt.

It didn't have the speed or the flair of a Bond stunt but it certainly put Johnson in the spotlight for the Olympic season. It's not every day that you see the Mayor of London take his 'PR campaign' to such extremes. He's already made a mockery of Mitt Romney to 60,000 people but it seemed today that his fortunes had turned against him.

The stunt involved a 45 metre high zip wire at Victoria Park, where the Olympic tournaments of the day were being broadcast.

Johnson was wearing a helmet and waving British flags when he got stuck in mid air but shrugged off the 'wire failure' as onlookers took pictures in surprise.

The BBC has revealed amateur footage of Johnson. Will Boris become the comedy 'icon' of the 2012 Olympics?

Photo ©2008-2012 ~liamska

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