Bono Short film ad with George Clooney banned

Charity 'One', founded by U2 frontman Bono recently made a campaign advert about the famine in Africa, but it has been banned in the UK.

The controversial advert entitled 'The F Word' was not permitted to air in the UK because it was in potential breach of a 2003 communications Act accord. The 'F Word' campaign short film stars top Hollywood actors including George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Colin Farrell, Kristin Davis and Bono however it was seen as a political advertisement according to a report on the BBC by the Clearcast organisation, which approves ads.

Although the issue of famine in Africa is tragic and unprecedented, it is unlikely that 'One' has focused this video as a political lobbying tool. There is however the issue of 'political pressure' and getting leaders to allocate more funds towards the famine. This seems to be the central issue making this video unacceptable for broadcast, however it seems like a highly unusual decision to ban a charity advert made by an NGO calling on people to come together to help make a difference in Africa.

The F Word - Famine Campaign

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