Bluehost is down worldwide


Bluehost servers offline

Hosting company Bluehost appears to be offline this afternoon after its servers became unresponsive to requests. The outage has affected websites and emails for thousands of customers.

So far there has been no official word from but potential explanations could include a power outage affecting a datacenter, or a major cyber attack.

Business owners with entertainment websites have been unable to use the service in the past 10 minutes and the main webpage for the company was also down.

This is a developing story...

Update : No word yet from Bluehost or Hostmonster about the New Years Eve outage

Quicknote : Bluehost servers went down at approximately 1.37PM (EST)

Update : Bluehost have just issued a tweet about the outage:

Update 2.23PM

Update 3.33pm

What people are saying about the Bluehost server outage

Update 4.07PM

Access to the Bluehost website has been restored. Some users have reported seeing their websites back online...

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