Film Industry Network is launching a bloggers network in 2015 to help people of all ages earn more money with their number one passion. We're looking for the best and brightest in the blogging community to participate in our creative campaigns where you will get to produce original content for major brands. Whether you write a blog or have your own Youtube channel, we'd like to hear from you.

In order for us to qualify your application, we need to know a little more about your blogging, and what kind of topics you cover. Check out the instructions below to find out how you can join our private network and best of luck!

Here's what you need to do

Simply fill out this short signup form below to register your interest and we will get back to you with an application pack which you'll need to fill out before you can join our network.

We are currently accepting applications from bloggers from the following regions: UK, US, Australia & Canada.

If you want to apply but don't reside in these countries let us know and we'll contact you when we launch campaigns in your region. You can also check out our FAQ below for more details about our campaigns.

Sign up

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(If you haven't received a response from us check your spam filter for bloggers(at)finetwork.biz)


- Invites to red carpet premieres
- Free event tickets
- Access to major festivals
- Product freebies
- Make industry connections
- Create 100% original content

Benefits of our network

- Fast payments via Paypal or bank transfer
- Dedicated account manager
- No coding skills needed
- No 6 or 12 month contracts
- Access to free resources
- Work with global brands
- Free media advisory


What's the minimum amount of traffic I need to qualify?

There is no set minimum. Whether you get 50 people a day or 1 million, you can apply.

Do you accept applications from vloggers?

Yes. Please add your Youtube channel URL in the form.

Do you accept more than 1 site?

Yes. If you have more than 1 blog you can apply. When you receive our application pack, you will be able to fill this out in more detail.

What topics do you accept?

We are currently accepting bloggers covering entertainment, film, travel, lifestyle, business and technology.

How long does it take for an application to be reviewed?

If your blog is approved we will inform you within 7 days of receiving your filled out application pack.

Will my details be made public?

No. Your data is confidential and will not be listed publicly.

What kind of campaigns do you do?

Check out our advertising page for more details and previous examples.

How do the campaigns work?

We will contact you when we have a campaign scheduled and provide instructions on what content to produce. This creative process will be unique to your site/channel.

Do you require exclusivity?

No. Unlike other networks we do not put restrictions on your content, your growth, or the advertisers you can work with. We also don't lock you in on a contract so you can work with other advertisers in the meantime.

How long does it take to get paid?

Payments are issued within 24 hours once we've received the final advertisement fee for the campaign. For bank transfers, this can take 1 working day, and up to 7 working days for international transfers.

I have more questions

Get in contact with us via email and we'll get back to you: bloggers(at)finetwork.biz