Blade Runner 2 – Success or sheer failure?

It looks like Ridley Scott is going to take his masterful directing skills and remake a cult classic, that re-invented the standard for the sci-fi genre. Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford came out in 1982 and is widely viewed as one of the greatest sci-fis in motion picture history.

Ridley Scott is no stranger to big Hollywood productions, having directed epics like 'Gladiator' and classic dramas including ‘Thelma And Louise’ and thrillers such as 'Alien'. Now that a sequel or prequel is in the works for Blade Runner can we expect this to live up to the hype, or will we be losing something that made the original so special?

It’s obvious to me that a sequel would be financially rewarding for the producers, but to me its clear that the business of Hollywood is taking a dangerous turn. It seems that more and more productions are focusing on sequels, remakes, re-boots with original stories being pushed aside.

Even with a great director like Ridley Scott, creating a new concept and taking us further in Blade Runner 2 will need some brilliance. There are very few sequels that can live up to their originals. I would say in the action/ Sci-fi genre, Terminator 2 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best sequel.

What do you think?

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