Black Santa's helper gets shot on TV while giving out toys

SNL - Black Santa

Santa's helper gets shot

An African-American dressed as Santa's helper has been shot twice live on TV while doing a Christmas toy giveaway.

Dressed in a santa costume, the man was joyfully handing out presents in southeast Washington when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. As the man was waving to people watching from their homes, he was unable to finished his words as stumbled on "Merry…Chri….", seconds later he was in screaming pain.

According to several reports, the two shots were fired from a pellet gun, but it is unclear who was responsible for the cowardly and hideous act.

As Santa's helper was being put into a stretcher, he summoned the courage to smile and wish everyone helping him a Merry Christmas.

Paramedics on the scene were quick to treat his wounds, and the man was said to be in good spirits

"I'm Glad I got hit and no one else got hurt. For real."


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