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Birds Eye View film festival to celebrate Arab Women filmmakers

There are few film festivals that solely dedicate their line-up to women filmmakers and the Birds Eye View Film Festival is becoming the platform and voice for putting women in the spotlight.

This year's BEV Film Festival will be dedicated to Arab women filmmakers who have made headlines at major film festivals, and won international recognition for their work and creativity.

From director Annemarie Jacir's Berlinale Award winner 'When I Saw You' to Hala Lotfy's 'Coming Forth By Day' (Best Director Winner at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival), there will be a big diversity of films being showcased at BFI Southbank next week.

The Birds Eye View is becoming a film festival leader for promoting women in filmmaking and in our industry it's important to showcase these excellent filmmakers and to give them a platform for their work. If you are attending the film festival this year and happen to go along to one of the screenings you will be able to participate in Q and As with the film's directors and also discover other programmes including a short film showcase and even an insight into Arab fashion on film.

BEV founder-director Rachel Millward recently spoke about this year's line up:

‘I’m thrilled that in 2013 Birds Eye View will celebrate the work of Arab women filmmakers. Now, when Arab women are dominating the headlines at the world's most established film festivals, is the perfect time to shine a light on this increasingly important and diverse range of cinematic voices.’

This year's Birds Eye View Film Festival will run from the 3rd to the 10th April. To find out more log on to

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