Bill clinton stars in new supporting role


Ex-President gives a boost in new ad

Bill Clinton has appeared in his first 'onscreen role' for President Obama in a new ad called "Clear Choice".

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have been releasing a slate of ads in the past few weeks that have circulated the web and TV stations across America to boost voter support in competing states.

(Get the facts:) Celebrities supporting Obama and Romney

Each candidate has backing from a host of celebrities and high profile figures advocating their campaign who have made big donations, and used video and the web to spread their messages and thoughts on issues. Now Bill Clinton joins in the effort through a personal interview that discusses the choices at stake including his support for Obama.

The video, which is just over 30 seconds long has already been viewed 20,000 times since it was uploaded a few hours ago.

Bill Clinton Obama Ad

Will Mitt Romney respond with his supporters in future ads?

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