Biggest TV movie of the year? Julian Assange in 'Underground'

Toronto Film Festival confirms selection

The Toronto Film Festival confirmed earlier this week that 'Underground', a TV movie depicting the story of Julian Assange's teenage years will get it's world premiere on September 8th.

With the recent diplomatic incident between the UK, Ecuador and Sweden, Assange is quite possibly the most 'visible' and talked about hacker in the world. The Wikileaks founder has been refuging at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for several weeks to avoid extradition to Sweden.

Many Assange followers and political analysts believe that Sweden will extradite him to the U.S for leaking thousands of military documents if he were to be sent there. However today, Britain has confirmed that it will not grant safe passage to Julian Assange if he leaves the embassy despite being granted asylum by Ecuador.

The TV movie, produced by Matchbox pictures and funded by Screen Australia will tell the story of Assange and his close group of teenage friends as they compete with each other from their bedrooms to hack into major organizations. It's the backdrop to a true story that continues to fascinate and unfold as the days go by.

Timing of the TV movie couldn't be better as the world awaits the extradition of Assange, and a possible diplomatic crisis between 4 nations : (UK, Ecuador, Sweden and the U.S). Is this just the best 'live' political thriller we've ever seen? Hollywood will surely be making a big feature on this in the coming years as we wait to hear of Assange's fate.

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