‘Biggest Loser’ winner Olivia Ward sheds astonishing 129 pounds

Olivia Ward managed to lose 129 pounds on the ‘Biggest Loser’ winning what she could call the biggest win of her life.

The dramatic transformation throughout Season 11 has proved that people with will and determination can succeed in changing their bodies.

When she started competing in the contest, she weighed 261 pounds. Now at a comfortable and attractive 132 pounds, the young Opera singer has changed her life, including her own self image.

From watching NBC's Season 11 of 'Biggest Loser', has this been one of the biggest triumphs of the show so far? With the weight watchers tuning in for some tips, and remedies on how to apply it to their own lives, the show will surely be a huge motivator.

What will happen now that Olivia Ward has won? Can she continue on a path of healthy living, or will she revert back to the way she was? For now, her personal triump will give many a much needed boost of ‘yes you can’.

NBC Biggest Loser


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