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BFI Film Academy to help young people break into movies


The BFI Film Academy

The BFI Film Academy has launched a talent campus for young people to develop their skills to enter the film industry.

The new residential campus, a two-week intensive programme, is part of a £3 million investment made by the Department for Education in England to help 5-19 year olds learn filmmaking. The new film education course will help upcoming talent develop new skills to prepare them for careers in the film industry over the next 5 years.

From April 2013, the two week course will be offered for free at the NFTS in Buckinghamsire. 16-19 years can apply for the course, which will teach several specialisations including directing, producing, sound recording, cinematography and editing.

NFTS Director Nik Powell made a statement regarding the partnership with the BFI Film Academy on Friday:

"The NFTS has a commitment to educate the best creative talent to the highest professional standards for tomorrow’s screen industries. We are very excited to be able to open our doors to younger students and offer them tuition by some of Britain’s best film experts in our world-class studio facilities."

With major Hollywood studios pouring millions into new studio developments in the UK, the British Film Industry is at a turning point. Young people now have a great opportunity to learn new skils from award winning teachers, and can apply for the new Talent Campus.

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