British Film Institute

BFI: British Film Institute

The BFI is the main British film industry organization promoting culture through: film festivals, interviews, movie screenings, and film funding schemes.


The BFI has 2 main venues in London:

  • BFI Southbank – presents around 1000 films a year
  • BFI IMAX- has the biggest cinema screen in the UK (more than 20 meters high and 26 meters wide!)

History of the British Film Institute

Starting in 1933, BFI has now got a total of 600 venues across the entire country and it diffuses over 2,000 hours of material online.

As well as being the top film distributor of cultural cinema in the UK, it also holds two top film festivals:

  • The BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival takes place shortly on the 23rd March- 1st April 2012.
  • The Annual London Film Festival takes place in October 2012

Film Funds

For future film producers, it is important to highlight funds that the BFI offers. It is possible to apply for:

  • The film fund to create original, captivating films
  • The print and advertising fund to improve the marketing strategies for films
  • The film export festival support fund for films that have been chosen for a national or international presence

Full guide to BFI film funding

With a mission to “achieve a creative and prosperous film culture and industry base”, the BFI wishes to bring film to the British public in different ways with a diverse range of screenings adapted to all ages. Upcoming events include screenings of the 1952 black and white film “The bad and the beautiful" starring Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas.