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Beverly Hills Hotel boycott is self-defeating

The Sultan of Brunei is the last person to be feeling the effects of the Beverly Hills Hotel boycott as local business dwindles and damage to the economy begins.

A boycott movement that opposes the harsh new laws Brunei has imposed in his home country on women and homosexuals has infuriated Americans. From Jay Leno to Ellen DeGeneres, big Hollywood figures have come out in support of a Hotel boycott, while business shrinks as customers pull out of events and other commitments with the hotel chain.

Beverly Hills residents may strongly oppose the new laws that are deplorable but the effects of a boycott will only have a negative consequence for Americans, the state and the image of Beverly Hills.

The problem with the boycott movement is that it doesn't factor in that the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-air employ around 1000 people. Also, those businesses pay local taxes which in turn helps local government provide services in the state.

Brunei's new Sharia law is a bitter disappointment but it shouldn't be used as an excuse to undermine a great business in the US. The Dorchester Collection, like many other businesses gets its funding and revenue from many places, and some of course, are controversial.

Even the US Government is currently selling bonds to many countries that have disgraceful human rights records yet there is no boycott of the dollar. This is why this boycott should not seek to punish the hotels, but rather condemn the laws themselves. Putting economic pressure on Americans who do a damn good job is self-defeating and I don't support that even if I do oppose these despicable new laws.

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