Bette Midler wants to plant a tree on the moon with your help

Actress Bette Midler is advocating a new crowdfunding project that will allow her to plant the first tree on the moon.

The ambitious project, launched today via Funny or Die invites people from all walks of life to donate ridiculous amounts of money to see her wish come true, including an open-air concert for her fans in space.

The proposed cost of the project is approximately $174m with some expenditure being allocated to personal grooming and a NASA space mission budget. With her project in mind, why not check out the presentation to see how credible her ideas are and whether or not you would consider for a split second giving one dollar towards this project.

Every dollar that you 'invest' might just one day lead to a tree being planted, but whether Bette Midler will allow guests on her spaceship, is TBD.

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