BET Music Awards : The Chris Brown Comeback

It just goes to show that you can comeback from the impossible, and Chris Brown seems to be deserving all the credit lately for doing so, in a big way.

From domestic violence to awards, Chris Brown has made amends to rekindle his relationship with Rihanna (on twitter at least), changed the station on his past, and adapted himself to restart a strong career.

Critics bashed Chris Brown for months on end, his musical ambitions seemed over. In fact, it was pretty much accepted he would never rebound, but his story is just proof that you can't rule out trying.

As the music industry embraces Brown at the BET Awards with 4 wins is it safe to say nothing can go wrong now? Chris Brown also left Sunday night with best video of the year for 'Look At Me Now'.

When comparing Chris Brown's fall from grace to Kanye's outburst, you could say Brown was getting a much bigger rebound than Kanye West, at least for now.

Look At Me Now : Video Of The Year

Other attendees of this year's BET Music Awards included Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Kelly Rowland.

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