Ben Stiller : "We have to stop the access to guns"

Newtown massacre : Should Gun Laws change?

From the Batman shootings to today's disaster, is it time for America to push forward a major change in gun laws?

While the administration hinted that today was not going to begin that debate, the chorus for a big change is growing loud, and the more we wait, the worse it gets.

Ben Stiller today told his Twitter followers how he felt about the shootings:


He's not alone in calling for a shift in gun access, particularly as it is so easy to get a hold of weapons. Is the right to bear arms really what the nation needs or should there be a modification to prevent this kind of mindless killing? Today's horrific event has shocked the nation, brought tears to the President, and fuelled strong opinion about gun laws once again.

We saw the tragic shootings in Aurora as a wakeup call to the gun law debate, but nothing happened. Now 20 children are dead. How long can this continue? Surely action is in most people's interest? Despite the strong pro-gun movement, is the freedom to bear arms in the best interests of all? That's what it boils down to..If a small minority of people who are mentally ill can easily access guns, there will always be a danger, and sadly, this won't be the last disaster we see, if nothing happens.

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