Behind the scenes at the Film Industry Network 16/12/09

I will be writing blogs regularly to keep people updated on what is going on here at the Film Industry Network. It has been an exciting few weeks and I want people to know what we are developing, to tell you about our recent interviews and anything related to the community.

Firstly I would like to thank our recent guests Gary Goldstein and Eric Edmeades; two very highly successful individuals with exceptional talent in their fields. Gary, who has had an incredible career, is continuing to develop projects in Hollywood and I feel that he is creating some new momentum with his upcoming ventures, which you will hear about shortly!

Over at Kerner, Eric has an exciting array of projects lined up and his facilities are some of the most unique in the industry. Check out the website by the way, I think some of the sets are just superb eye candy.

A few weeks ago I found a really great music video shot by New Zealand filmmaker Shahir Daud. I have a feeling he is going to be making some headway over there with his new material. Check out his showreel by the way if you didn't get a chance:

Why the Film Industry Network?

The entertainment business is very unconventional in that someone can be the most talented at something yet not have a respectable employment or means to make a living. The purpose of this network is to get those people seen, and to educate you on how to make the next step in the entertainment business and make a living. Who do you turn to when you don t know how to do something, to get your films seen, or your music heard? Sometimes you need to go out of your way to make your voice heard.

What can I do to take the next step?

Whether you re a filmmaker, musician, director of photography or actor (among other fields), over the next few months, in our Resources section, tutorials, tips and secrets will be shared with you.

What makes the film industry network unique?

Think of us as family. What would Christmas be like alone? I can t imagine that and nor would I want anyone to be in that situation. So, taking that concept, this is what we are, and we are here to help! Welcome. Make yourself comfortable, talk with your like-minded friends, find out what is going on in our community.

Don t hesitate to join our many groups on the web. There are over 30,000 of you doing so already and they are here to stay.

Lastly, before I ramble on, you can leave me comments below. You don t need a login. I will gladly answer your questions!

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