Beautiful Belgian girl gets modeling contract after World Cup snapshot

17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere has become an international star thanks to a random snapshot taken at a Belgium football match during the FIFA World Cup.

Axelle Despiegelaere was happily cheering her team when a photo was taken of her and went viral on Twitter. Soon newspapers in Brazil started to talk about the unknown beauty, and the world took notice.

Upon returning to Belgium after her team's defeat, Axelle already had a growing fan base, with a page set up on Facebook that has so far amassed 244k likes.

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On top of that, the Belgian beauty has now been offered a contract with L'Oreal, and recently appeared in a commercial that was shot in Knokke.

She's not the only one to have received international attention. At the start of the tournament, a man dressed up as The Mask made the rounds on the web for bringing back to life Jim Carrey's most famous over-the-top character, but unfortunately he didn't get a modeling contract. Oh well. You can't always win.

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