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BBC downsizing could cost 32,000 creative jobs

BBC licence fee cuts could amount to 32,000 jobs being lost in various sectors of the creative economy new research claims.

According to BBC director general Tony Hall, the UK economy would lose over 32,000 jobs with a 25% reduction in the licence fee having knock-on effects to multiple industries and working freelancers. From actors to directors, production staff and logistics companies, there would be a widespread impact with immediate closures felt across the country.

Small businesses which receive £450m from the budget would be affected by the reductions while UK GDP would be dented by as much as £630m.

Research conducted by PwC shows that for every £1 spent of licence fee money there is a net increase of 60p to the economy. The report also highlights how increasing the licence fee by 15% would create over 16,000 jobs and boost UK GDP by £319m.

The BBC licence fee is currently being reviewed by the government, led by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale ahead of next year's charter renewal.

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