Batman 'Joker' James Holmes charged with 1st degree murder

'Joker' James Holmes has received 142 charges including 58 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

The 24 year old attacked a cinema at the midnight premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' killing 12 people and injuring a further 58 in what was billed as 'The Batman Massacre'.

During a 45 minute hearing in a Colorado court, Holmes listened quietly to the charges which included a count of possessing an explosive device and the "unlawful use of a deadly weapon."

It is not yet known whether Holmes will be given the death penalty for his gruesome crime, which is allowed in the State of Colorado.

Analysis : What kind of punishment should James Holmes get?

Given the high profile nature of the Batman shootings, it is difficult to speculate whether the state will want to pursue the death penalty or consider life imprisonment. There is also the psychological state that needs to be considered. Can he be proven to be insane? As the world watches the high profile case, the families of the victims are asking for justice. How will this play out?

The next hearing is scheduled for the 9th August 2012.

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