Batman fan film 'City of Scars' is a hit

City of Scars makes it big

Fan films are the new craze and Batman is back in town, in the dark City of Scars , shot on HD with great production values on a $27000 budget.

There is an ever increasing tendency for film enthusiasts to get their hands on DSLRs and other HD equipment to shoot gorgeous looking footage, and these filmmakers have taken their passion for Batman to a whole new level.

City of Scars , directed by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke was a passionate undertaking, involving a 21 day shoot and taking nearly 1 and a half years to complete. The reaction to the batman remake has been very positive and the merit is deserved with an impressive production, a great moody atmosphere and good acting performances. Yes you could say it s a little cheesy , and the dialogue is somewhat dry at times, and yes it s a fan film, but so many have come and gone, leaving little to the imagination. City of Scars has a great soundtrack and creates atmosphere for the viewer and has been seen on dailymotion nearly 500,000 times alone.

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Fan films are a great way for budding filmmakers to show the world what they are capable of doing. Sometimes coming up with an original remake to an already established franchise can be just as fun as an entirely original story. Fan films also give filmmakers the chance to show off their talents and target already established audiences of fans. This could be an interesting alternative for up and coming talent to become known.

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