Batman fan art hits the web in style

Batman fan art work

Batman fans have not only dominated the web with 'The Dark Knight Rises' video parodies but now they've taken their artistic skills to new heights.

Digital artwork has played an important role in building up the hype for the 3rd and final Batman. Creating each poster, character drawing, and digital graphic design is a big task. Designers have to create several layers and merge them together to create a matte that will include all the elements : lighting, characters, shapes, smoke, diffusion, foreground and background details.

Take a look at some of these Batman characters created by various artists. Some of the poster art you will find below is remixed from marketing materials released by Warner Bros. Other projects are also completely original with their own artistic style.

"There is no doubt that some of these fan posters could become collectors items, the detail, creativity and aesthetic produced is simply second to none."

- Stylenoir Magazine

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