Batman with Christian Bale will end in 2012

Christian Bale will retire from the Batman franchise in 2012 with the 3rd and last installment of Christopher Nolan’s epic 7-year Batman journey.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is one of the most anticipated summer blockbusters of the coming year, and fans are already asking whether Batman will be killed in Nolan’s final outing. After wrapping the production this past week, Bale reconfirmed that the Batman era he enjoyed with Christopher Nolan was coming to an end. Indeed the cape crusader has been the face of the franchise not only on, but off the camera. One such incident that sparked controversy around Bale was his now infamous on-set tirade with a member of the crew working on ‘Terminator 4’. Subsequent fan spoofs of the incident made headlines, but also in turn, parodies of Batman also became sensations. Regardless of this, Bale as Batman has exceeded expectations and brought back a comic book hero audiences love to see get hurt, and triumph over evil.

‘The Dark Knight’ although well received by fans, was a mixed critical success, with Bale’s acting often criticized for being too ‘gruff’ and moody. However, it was Heath Ledger’s untimely death and sensational acting that made the last movie an international must watch. The actor’s portrayal of The Joker won him a post-humous Oscar. 'The Dark Knight Rises' will not get the 3D treatment according to Christopher Nolan, and stay authentic to the style of the previous two sequels.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? The film is set for a 2012 summer release.

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