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Basketball Lego Olympics video is a must watch

2012 Olympics Lego video gets online debut

A new animation video has been released that recreates the highlights of the USA - France men's Basketball game in glorious lego motion.

The Guardian released earlier today the animated reconstruction which features a funny hyperactive montage of the game which France lost 98-71. The video includes an homage to the players of both countries as they are introduced with each nation's national anthem. Even defining players like LeBron James get the special lego treatment. The game then kicks off with the lego players dribbling the ball to either side and some slow motion 'cheesiness' as they slam-dunk and score.

To add to the flavour, the game includes a lively commentary, crowd sound effects and a stadium filled with moving lego people. I personally like the addition of player close ups in the editing. It's really sharp and takes the authenticity of real coverage shots to make it feel like the highlights of a real game. It's simply very cool. Check it out below:

(video missing)

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