BAFTA British film awards

British Academy of Film And Television Arts

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) celebrates national and international film productions

Since midway through World War 2, the BAFTAs have handed out hundreds of the recognisable theatrical masks awarding the talent witnessed on and off the big screen during previous years. This independent charity, currently presided by the Duke of Cambridge, holds it´s yearly ceremony at the Royal Opera House in Convent Garden, London. Preceding the Oscars, the BAFTAs are held in February and are seen as an indicator to what films are likely to be recognised in America.

As well as showing excellence in film production, this national award ceremony also recognises talent in the television and video-games sectors


  • Television. The British “small screen” is paid tribute to by dedicating awards to sectors such as: Drama series, Current affairs, International, and sport.
  • Video games. Amongst the nominations we can find: Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Game innovation and Best Game. The award “Game Awards 2011” is the only award open to the public.

Other BAFTA Award shows

  • British Academy Television Craft Awards (Writing, make-up, editing, lighting, special effects)
  • British Academy Children's Awards (Children´s entertainment)
  • Britannia Awards (Series of events in Los Angeles for example, the TV tea Party or Behind Closed Doors. The most prestigious prize given is the Britannia Award.)
  • British Academy Scotland Awards (Scottish talent)
  • BAFTA Cymru Awards (Welsh talent)

Whilst personalities from the past have laid down the foundations of what has turned into an international moving picture festival, the future of film is firmly in the hands of young talent. To facilitate this, the BAFTAs have developed a strong online presence where film fans can find the latest information as well as tips on how to succeed in the industry.