'Bad Teacher' has a great trailer and good marketing

The 'unlikely' team up of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake couldn't be a better combination to promote this movie: here's why.

Both stars used to date, and in 'Bad Teacher' they get romantic once again. The pre-buzz just from this fact is enough to make people start talking about a get-back-together kind of situation, what will happen in the movie, and if they will go all the way? Of course, all fantasy, and up to your imagination off camera, but still just one part of this marketing genius.

Then we cut to the stories about Cameron Diaz making a comedic comeback, and comparing it to her hit outing with Ben Stiller in 'There's Something About Mary'. How good was that film? Is 'Bad Teacher' on the quality of what we saw back in the late 90s? Is Cameron Diaz on top form in ways we have never seen?

On top of that, there is also the subject matter of 'Bad Teacher' itself. Doesn't it just excite you to discover a character who has the role of authority and yet has no rules? A majority of us are fortunate to have an education, and for those who have had 'controversial teachers', this comedy is like an homage to over the top personalities. It's the kind of popcorn fun of "what if my teacher had been this nuts?"

Then there's the comedy, the exaggerated plot, and 'goofy' characters, who are dysfunctional and larger than life.

Lastly comes the trailer. It's all in the trailer. This is what sells a movie to an audience beyond the hype, and 'Bad Teacher' has rhythm. It makes you want to see it because its so fun, and it's well edited to deliver the message of this 'over the top' teacher character breaking all the norms.

All in all, great marketing, strong trailer, it looks fun, and It makes me want to see it.

Bad Teacher Trailer

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