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Award winning short film 'Stanley Pickle' online premiere today


Stanley Pickle short film released

The much loved short animation film 'Stanley Pickle' is now available to watch online.

Directed by Vicky Mather, the short film has won countless festivals and prestigious honours around the world. It's been one of the best received films in recent memory (Honestly I can't remember seeing a short get this many festival wins). Did it break a world record? Someone needs to check.

Moving on, Mather has created a must see visual splendour of humour and style. 'Stanley Pickle' combines great imaginative storytelling and a blend of clever silliness that illuminates audiences for a fun 11 minutes.

Since completing her short in 2010, Mather has won 33 international awards including the much respected McLaren Award at the 2010 Edinburgh Film Festival and winner of the 'Best Animation' category at the Chicaco International Film Festival.

To find out more about how the film was made take a look at my interview with Vicky about the production, exclusive on Film Industry Network.

Stanley Pickle Full film

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