Avril Lavigne video 'Wish You Were Here' exploding on youtube

It might be Avril Lavigne's Birthday today but she has more than just one reason to celebrate, with her recently released music video 'Wish You Were Here'.

Avril Lavigne

launched on youtube September 8th, 'Wish You Were Here' has already gained close to 20 million views, pushing it past 1 million views a day. To put this in perspective, this is far more viral than Charlie Sheen's 7 minute ABC spoof that he uploaded himself earlier this year.

Few have picked up on its success but perhaps the fact that youtube and Vevo videos are so popular makes a million a day not sound too impressive anymore. Still, if you were earning a dollar per view in advertising (which of course is definitely not what you will get as a youtube partner) then you'd be pretty happy.

Wish You Were Here video

The video itself is fairly straightforward, and at the lower end of the budget scale for Avril Lavigne compared to her previous videos released this year. Sometimes innovative videos don't get high viewership, but the songs keep people coming back for more.

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